Fake News. Mathom Bread does not exist.

And so on my journeys sometimes I see what is going on and even in so called “World Chat”.

This here made me spit my drink (it became a choking hazard!) of a delish Cup of the  Superb Second Breakfast Coffee.

This Sir here, fake_news made following message available to us all:

[World] Sannio: ‘Hear yee — Hear yee – Hobbits short and Hobbits small! ‘Make The Shire Great Again’ is now recruiting; Hobbits only. We are a Lore-RP based kinship of Halfling folk. So butter that Mathom Bread and send me a message of request! Cheers my fellow Hobbits.




I have quickly challenged him to produce any of the Mathom Bread. He was at a loss.

He is clearly not from the Shire at all, for he does not know or understand what a “Mathom” is. Here is a link to some facts about Mathoms:


Mathom was the hobbit term for anything which they had no use for but were unwilling to throw away. Their holes and houses usually were quite crowded with mathoms. Hobbits were very fond of giving mathoms to one another; on birthdays, it was tradition that the hobbit who had the birthday would give a gift to anyone who attended his party. This way mathoms travelled from hand to hand often around the whole Shire and sometimes finding their way back to the original owner. Weapons and other gear of war was usually looked upon as mathoms in the Shire and usually they became trophies hanging over fireplaces or on walls.

Museums in the Shire were called Mathom-Houses. The most significant one was at Michel Delving. Bilbo Baggins loaned his Mithril mail to be displayed there, which shows the extraordinary character of hobbits. Even if a suit of armour was made of the most precious metal in all of Middle-earth and set with white gems, it still did not have any practical use and was thus regarded as a mere mathom.  From: https://lotr.fandom.com/wiki/Mathom

So, Mathoms have these qualities, of uselessness, (Hobbit’s world view is different, what is useful to some, is useless in the Shire) indestructibility, (fact of life, they abound all over, can not be avoided, if found) and collectable (but really only in the Shire).

Bread and butter, con NOT be a Mathom.

Fundamentally all Shire based kinships are to the inclusion of Hobbits, for us to band together and support one another. Not to the exclusion of others.

Shire is pretty great as it is. No need to invent things to see any need to make it great again.


The 12 Lovely Years

I personally have not logged in onto LOTRO for anywhere near 12 years, much fewer for me and I have never pulled any long time continuously. But this game has very good feel to it and I always plan on coming in, again and again.sharp_tail01

Here is a picture of Anniversary invitations (it’s an event of the Anniversary Festival). Some of the envelopes would get stuck on the tail of the Boar fountain decoration or by the South Bree Town’s gate. somewhat funny 🙂

Here is LOTRO WIKI on the “process” here:



Imbue process for Legendary Class Item / Weapon

Lets make an outline of the steps in the process. I am going to go on a lot of information that others provided and I have not had patience to test, so in both instances my own ideas and others information it can be wrong. But in general Imbue process seems very good and sends your Legendaries in good direction. At the time of writing I have got one of my 2 items imbued and it is in 40ties, -I am happy with the the progress so far.

What does one need?

Weapon and class item of min level 100 of First Age, Second Age or Third Age. -It is said that in the end they arrive at very similar result but First Age Class Item and Weapon are easier to bring to the end, the other two (later age) items will require more work.

You want to Imbue your Item after certain modifications are done to the max because it will assist you with a higher starting point. They are:

  1. Star-lit crystal (Anfalas level 100+) upgrades done – legendary items before they are imbued allow for 3 upgrades. This is the 3 stars that light up in the area of the panel near DPS rating. After they are imbued they will allow this rating to go to level 69, each level after reaching last unlocked level will require another crystal or an in panel Mithrill coin purchase of the next level.
  2. An extra level of experience unlocked and your item or weapon now can achieve level 70 experience instead of regular default level of 60. It is obtained through use of appropriate level (Anfalas 100+) Scroll of Delving. It is good to raise DPS at level 70 to the max 1st. then raise the legacy you like the most next. -It will result in the highest unlocked level at the start. For non DPS, the legacies themselves you will need to apply Scroll of Empowerment (Anfalas level 100+) As we are working with 7 legacies that will require about 30 to 40 scrolls each raising starting unlocked min level by adding exp level 70 to un-imbued Legendary will save you some time and energy.
  3. An extra legacy slot revealed and your item or weapon now has 7 legacies instead of usual 6. -This is achieved through application of Anfalas level Crystal of Remembrance.
  4. All the 7 legacies that are installed in the item or weapon are the ones that you want to have there for the life of your new Best friend, the legendary weapon or the item. This is achieved by often deconstructing level 100 legendary items that you level in your legendary panel to level 30 in order to take the legacy you like out. Level 30 is the first level with allows you to take one of the legacies out at the time of deconstruct. As it is not a good idea to imbue item or weapon of lesser level then 100, regardless of it’s age. These earlier level Legendaries if slotted should be experienced to the end (level 60) to provide you with higher value relics and IXP (item experience) ruin to reapply to your final (level 100) legendary.
  5. If after application of Star-lit Crystals, Scroll of Delving and Crystal of Remembrance you do not want to take time to gain experience through adventuring, then you will need to apply some ruins of item experience that you were saving for this day in your Vault hopefully. And having done all this, making sure that all the legacies that you want are in place, all the crystals applied and your Legendary is at level 70 with all the points distributed. Now you are ready to go see the forge master to click “Imbue” button in his interface. That simple, new chapter in the life of your Legendary begins, finally!


A very thorough article on the process, with pictures. At Lotro Forums:


DADI’s Guides to everything are just excellent drop in there to quickly check this one:


Here is a Video on top of everything else that at this point is unnecessary to watch, but who would not watch a video for the fun of it? Besides Thomas Huayra made many videos for all of us and if you have not seen one, maybe it’s time to get introduced.

My personal feel is that it would not be a good idea to mix trait tree line abilities in the list of the legacies that one lines up with the 7 available in weapon and 7 that are available in the class item. Usually stacking more of the same always produces positive result.

Here is the list of all legacies with information on how they will change after the imbue process. It is a good idea to get to know this list a bit before you are ready to imbue so that you would take the legacies you like from slotted Legendaries used for the purpose of farming legacies. In other words, make up your mind about what you want and go for the pile of scrolls that you think you need to get ready for the imbue time.

The wiki page: https://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Legendary_Legacies_Index

And a bi-lingual English – Russian page: https://lotrotools.pw/legacies.php


  • Get weapon / Class Item you like to stick with for a while.
  • Experience to your Legendary to level 40, then add / change legacies to the same level  (age does not matter, but level does, lover level legacies will not work in higher level item) as your legendary that you saved from deconstructs, making all legacies the ones you like.
  • Unlock 7th legacy and add it in.
  • Unlock extra 10 levels of experience overall with total available at 70 and experience your item to that level.
  • Add 3 Star-lit crystals at some point before the imbue.
  • When all is done go to Forge master and in their panel click “imbue”.
  • All done, now keep getting scrolls of empowerment and star-lit crystals to unlock more levels till all of them make it to 69, Mithrill coins provide an alternative to leveling your DPS and legacies as well.

Enjoy and thank you for reading.

A word of THE farming

If it was up to me I would want forester, prospector and farmer as  a general vacation. And as of now I see it as the only setback to completely perfect way the Yeoman is set up is that you miss out on the mining of the ore nodes and the chopping of the branches in the landscape as you run through it. So by default you in a way end up missing on these opportunities…

Here is the list of combinations one can have in a given path…

However what you get in return is a lot. Up to level 30 farming and getting to master level on all of the tiers is in fact a very good source of experience levels for your character. After level 30 it continues to still give you exp but it does not feel (or is) as much. On the top tier of doomfold one earns 75 exp points without boosts per planting.

-It is also possible to harvest (more exp) and then process your crops into useful ingredients (more exp).

This video without words (just the farming 101)ending u with a SMOKE is shot in Michael Delving on the farms of the South Fields.

Then this video explores in slight more detail how small invested capital and good amount of hard time together with investment of time (not a lot, just may seem monotonous). All that yields good results.

Let’s embed one of them to illustrate our perfect, slow and steady course of leveling towards the next big thing.

Happy farming for exp, ingredients, boredom, whatever you get from it, enjoy 🙂

My favorite addon to the game is? HUGE bag :)

LoTRO is very friendly with UI, changing it using plugins and such, there is a site dedicated to all that http://www.lotrointerface.com

I have run around with one of JRR themes for a while, unfortunately I kept running into issues with preview of wearable items normally achieved by Ctrl+Left Click. These thiemes back then had a particular resolution that you would need to maintain in order for the wardrobe windows to show content. That package does need a honorable mention here, even though I do not use it currently. I am back to LoTRO as it is, so that I could jump from full screen to windowed of any size the moment I like and retain all the functions. http://www.lotrointerface.com/downloads/info581-JRRSkinscollection-Atributetomiddleearth.html -The UI skins are getting updates and I may just go back to them at some point!


The focus of the post: It’s a LOTRO plugin called “hugebag”. It is an older plugin but very good in all of it’s functionality.

Important features are:

  • Always in the frame of the screen widget or regular single bag pop up (as pictured above)
  • Possibility to check bags of other characters without loging onto them
  • Possibility to check Vaults of all characters without changing characters, with search capability.
  • As well as simple “Sort” and “Merge” buttons that I personally use very often.
  • Important reason for this post is my appreciation for the functionality of the plugin as well as current need for an external patch to be installed in order to have Vault and bags of other characters display vertically.

This update is found here: http://www.lotrointerface.com/downloads/info996-ListBoxpatch.html

Here is what this is all about:

This patch is needed for many plugins (TitanBar, SortPack, HugeBag, …) that were last updated before Update 21.2 (10-Oct-2017).
(In that update, Standing Stone Games changed the ListBox control, in a way that is not backward-compatible.)
In general, if you’re using a plugin that hasn’t been updated recently, and it’s trying to show a list of items, but only the first one is appearing, you probably need this.
For plugins that have been updated recently, this patch probably is not needed, but it is harmless

On the Lotro Interface download page for the patch above it clearly explains how to install it.

Thank you very much to all the people involved,
Us burglars need them HUGE bags and with this double functionality of overview of the whole inventory, everywhere and a good looking bag, this one is a winner.

In addition, There are other patches available from the Lotro Interface site and there is also a bit of discussion on this plugin right here in this forums.

On topics like: How to increase number of spaces or disable default bags from opening up.